Convenient Payment Options

Frontline doctor allows you a direct integration to verify and confirm your existing Insurance plan - ensuring immediate copay or multiple direct payment alternatives

HIPAA Compliant Secure Platform

We know your patients value their privacy and confidentiality of medical information
Customizable Solution
The Solution

A real-time HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine platform for Solo Physicians, Physician Groups, Psychologists, Counsellors, Urgent Care Centers and Hospitals that can be branded and customized to match the needs of each practice. Adaptive solution that can be ‘custom-built’ to the practice workflow. Telemedicine at its very best…

Platform Independence

Frontline Doctor is platform agnostic and can be accessed across your desktop and handheld devices. IOS and Android Applications can be downloaded from the App / Play Store.

Secure Platform

Patients value confidentiality of their personal medical information and Frontline Doctor incorporates all the mandated HIPAA guidelines

Mutiple Patient Touchpoints

Multiple touch points that engage and connect with your patients at every stage including a web application, IOS and Android Apps and SMS. Each visit can be followed up with a feedback survey to gauge your patient satisfaction in real time.


Frontline Doctor is an integrated telemedicine solutions provider that lends scalability to an existing solution and at each stage, ensures your future needs are constantly met

Production and Platform Support

Platform runs on Microsoft Azure and is continuously monitored and the Frontline Support Team is just a call away
Frontline Doctor

Frontline Doctor is a state of the art telemedicine solution that supports the ‘physical distancing efforts’ being followed globally; enabling virtual visits with your patients anytime, anywhere. Our HIPAA compliant solution empowers you to provide care safely. So no patient – especially the most vulnerable, goes without care.

Key Highlights

Reimbursable Encounters

Reimbursement rates and rules are continuously evolving. Medicare (CMS) has eased many of the 'virtual care' restrictions that were previously in place. The new world order necessitates solutions like Frontline Doctor to deliver personalized care in a 'secure', 'affordable' and 'easy to access' virtual setting

Practice Workflow

Frontline Doctor is more than a mere ‘video application’ to connect with your patients. It integrates into your practice workflow and provides the tools to manage your 'virtual appointments' without disturbing your ‘in office appointments'. You decide and control the number of virtual sessions each day - providing you greater flexibility in managing your practice workload and smoothening patient flow throughout the day.

Customised Branding

The branding of the landing page as well as the ecosystem at Frontline Doctor can be customized for your solo or group practice. This ensures your practice stands out in the crowd. The patient is always communicating with your brand; and FrontLine Doctor remains an additional service you provide.
Landing page is customized to your brand guidelines and your EMR software too can be integrated

Your doctor is just a 'secure video call' away

Frontline Doctor ensures seamless access to medical care in a secure and cost effective manner. Frontline Doctor is easy to use and is accessible across your desktop and handheld devices. IOS and Android applications (downloadable on the Play / App Store) is easy to use and ensures your doctor is just a click away. To recommend this solution to your doctor/practitioner, Click Here and we will let him/her know that you thought of him/her
How It Works
Get Started

Simple Patient Intake Process

Patient provides name and date of birth to get registered on Frontline Doctor


For existing patients, the profile is validated by fetching the data from the backend database which is updated daily from the EMR system. For new patients, the entire profile information is captured so that it can be updated on the EMR system.

Select Appointment Date

Patient selects available date and time slots as well as the the pharmacy via google maps (enabled)

Convenient Payment Options

Patient opts for either 'self pay' or 'Insurance Pay' Options. Incase of 'self-pay' - the payment is processed using your payment gateway. 'Insurance pay' requires manual validation by your business office since co-pays are dependent on several factors including payer contracts

Patient Notification

Once payment is processed, the patient gets notified via an 'SMS link' to join the telemedicine session at the appointed time

Join Session

Patient sessions are protected using a 'one time password' (OTP). Once the patient joins the video session, the 'Doctor console' highlights the details of the patient and also shows diagnostic information to quickly troubleshoot audio and video issues. Once the Doctor marks the session as complete, the patient cannot rejoin the call using the same invite link

Post Session Feedback

Patient receives a survey link. Survey questions are customizable by the Practice. Survey responses are captured in the encounter information. Practice can export survey results to prepare 'net promoter scores' as well as other patient engagement metrics

Scalable Platform

Evolution is a constant for us and if there is a feature you miss here, we simply build it for you!

Multi-layered Touchpoints

'Coz we understand each patient's convenience is different

Multi-level Access

Independent access and login across patients, doctors, admins as well as support staff